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"Offshore funds and services at a discount."

Investing in offshore funds, or keeping your assets offshore is not essential if you are an expatriate, but it is possibly the most tax efficient way of managing your money. This is our guide to the most cost effective way of taking full advantage of offshore funds and investment opportunities for the expatriate and other international investors.

What We Can Offer You

The service offered by this website may be broken down in to three distinct areas:


Use our fully automated funds trading platform to invest in a choice of 5,000 offshore funds offered by 200 fund management groups. Go online and establish your own account which when funded, can be used to invest as you please.


For the experienced investor looking for a specific type of investment fund such as Hedge Funds, Finance Funds, Managed Futures Funds, Specialist Funds, Income or Property Related Funds, there is a section of the website dedicated to a listing of such products.


If you have cash to invest but no expertise, we may be able to offer a full discretionary or advisory planning service, depending upon your nationality and country of residence.


There are thousands of offshore funds to choose from, around 38,000 in fact. We provide an opportunity for you to narrow the choices down, saving you time and money

Alternatively if you have a specific interest in an offshore hedge fund, offshore insurance product, or specific offshore funds types listed on the right you can shortcut to that type of fund to save some time.

Our expat pension and regular knowledge which includes education fees, college fees etc, is extensive and we can offer massive additional allocations to some of the best offshore regular savings plans on the market provided by all the major offshore insurance companies. Just ask.

We will provide a free offshore investing and funds newsletter to all who register with us so please do so now to ensure your regular update on offshore funds, offshore hedge funds and all aspects of expatriate insurance.

Please be aware that some jurisdictions especially the US, UK and Hong Kong place restrictions on their residents when offshore investing in this type of product and so you must satisfy yourself that these rules do not apply to you before you enter the site. In any event, we will advise you if any of these rules apply to you.